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Our family

German Shorthaired pointer
German Shorthair in MN

How the addiction started

Growing up in northern MN, my family had a lab and a Chesapeake, with whom I spent most of my time with in the outdoors.. My next dog was a lab/shorthair cross, which sparked my interest in what shorthairs were all about. With a lot of research and some searching through various resources, I located Maggie. This started a new-found passion within me. I worked with Maggie to get her ready for our hunts out in the Dakotas. On our very first hunt, Maggie blew my mind! I didn't think that there was a breed out there that could ever do what she does. She could go from being a skilled hunter in the field to being just one of the family at home. This in turn made me want more! I started doing research about the breed and found that in Germany, there were black shorthairs. I was able to locate an impressive German bloodline and decided to breed Maggie. Wow, am I glad that I did. For her first litter, Maggie had 8 puppies, of which I kept 2, a male and a female. My brother decided he wanted to keep the male, which today is known as Buddy and I kept the female, which today is know as Kate. With very little work, we were hunting over them in the Dakota's at 5 months and these dogs were pointing, retrieving and honoring. At this point, I am pretty confident that I have created the perfect combination in a dog, natural ability, drive and temperament. I next went in search for a solid black female that has all around superior German bloodlines. This search brought me to Zoey, who turned out to be a great addition to my line but also to my family. Since then we have traveled the country in search of new blood lines and brought in multiple dogs from across Europe in our goal to produce the best.  Please keep in mind that our dogs are not kennel dogs, but a large part of our family and our companions as well. So if you are interested in a German Shorthair that will complete not only your family, but make your hunts memorable, look no further! We greatly appreciate that you have spent some time getting to know about us and our dogs. We look forward to helping you fulfill your hunting expectations. Please contact us with any and all questions you may have.

Our Team
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